Daniela Kneip Velescu, Alys Owen - navel talks – TheTip for Bangkok Biennial 2020

07.11.2020 - 25.12.2020

(Photos: Atelier.247)

TheTip is proud to present the very first collaboration between Daniela Kneip Velescu and Alys Owen. The Berlin and Glasgow based artists offer contemplation on contemporary narcissism and a possible anarchy of self-esteem. Their works demonstrate a fearless desire to enact, and also reflect, on omphaloskepsis. The discursive minefield of late capitalism is seemingly embraced, if only to allow their questioning to emerge from within, resulting in an oxymoronic mixture of critical joy and reluctant compassion.

Tower-like file folders start to build a conversation; an attempt to exchange ideas (just as one's own associations are usually followed and one can get lost in thought!) Apple, pear, pasta...

"Oh, what did you say?!"

The exhibition will develop in two physical stages, before finally evaporating into an online project, continuing to exist as a vehicle for provocation and destabilization. 

Simon Buckley - When The Language Leaves Me

19.08.2020 - 25.12.2020

[This is] the incomprehensible in pursuit of the unjustifiable (to paraphrase Oscar Wilde); a systematic destruction of the intellectual cartel that we like to call 'expertise'. But the tree still fell. And you weren't there. So I'm certainly not now going to write [you] an obituary for an unloved pile of lumber. 

Simon Buckley

Sathit Sattarasart - the unclear sweetness in the air where the river flows from the east

16.02.2020 - 26.04.2020

“Someone said understanding the region is such a theatre. It may be just about where I come from, or where I am. I don’t want to go on about that here. Nor that I want to talk about rivers or sand, mountains or seas. Any points in time, we have learned and unlearned. Some economic issues have also been recognised ; it might be all about control. Do I make any point here? Maybe they are just lines that draw a complex shape. And yet there is something about the unclear sweetness in the air.”


Nolico Taki - when time has stopped

21.12.2019 - 06.02.2020

( her auditory organ ) && ( the proses of his adaptation to the system )

Carrying different gravities on nets. The second law of thermodynamics is just statistic

His voice ;
Who is taking care of Taylor swift’s houseplants?
Healing or Hiding from various dramatic directions

==It has an asynchronous behavior

&& ( Having an interview on the green ) Since setting off at dawn

Daniela Kneip Velescu - Never forget to be happy

OPENING: 08.10.2019, 19:00h

09.10.2019 - 16.02.2020

EPP or Epp may refer to:

• Engineering and Public Policy, an academic department at Carnegie Mellon University
• Equal Parenting Party, a Canadian political party
• European People's Party, a European conservative and christian democratic political party
• European Public Prosecutor, a proposed EU agency
• Easy Payment Plan
• Paraguayan People's Army (Spanish: Ejército del Pueblo Paraguayo)
• Encrypting PIN Pad, a component of an automated teller machine
• End-plate potential, a neuroscience term
• Enhanced Parallel Port, a specification of the IEEE 1284 computer peripheral communication standard
• Enhanced Performance Profiles, a PC memory specification
• Erythropoietic protoporphyria, a genetic disorder
• Expanded Polypropylene, an eco-friendly, flexible and versatile plastic foam
• Extended projection principle, a linguistic theory
• Extensible Provisioning Protocol, an Internet protocol for domain registration
• Easy Photo Print, a proprietary format of Canon for graphic files, with the extension .epp
• Élan Power Products, a subsidiary of Élan Motorsport Technologies
• Enrich Professional Publishing, a publishing house
• Enterprise Platform Programme, an Irish business incubator programme
• European Pallet Pool, for eligible pallets conforming to EUR-pallet
• Euro Paddle Pass, a project of 11 kayaking-canoeing national federations across Europe
• Export parity price



TheTip X CAVE3000 - Keep the Snake Close

15.09.2019 - 17.12.2019

Alana Lake
Alex LJ
Jessie Holmes listen: Snake Persuasion listen: Morning Meditation
Eleonora Meoni

Invited by: CAVE3000

CAVE3000 is an intimate project space, a point of call for cordiality. Natasja Loutchko dedicated her project to the elaboration of small dialogues both between humans and the spaces surrounding them. Currently CAVE3000 conducts a “Healing Clinic / Recovery Research”. This exploration is scheduled for 2020 on intergenerational trauma and healing, caring and growing with a focus on mental health awareness and addiction. The current alliance is part of this research effort and a departure point for future collaboration.

Keep the Snake Close functions as a kaleidoscope depicting various facets of artistic collaboration. From messy to an unraveling reflection.It is an exchange, based on the indivisibility of private live and artistic or curatorial practice. In Keep the Snake Close individual work is now displayed side by side, avoiding contact although being invisibly tied together. It is the portrait of a messy family.

TheTip is a pair of twins of micro galleries with different birthdates. One of them in Bangkok, Thailand and its older brother residing in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The exhibition platform is operated by Lars Karl Becker and hosted by Tentacles/N22 in Bangkok, but far beyond that it relies on a loose network of contributors involving a myzel of (skipped) plans and tales of the joy of collaborating.

Realness fear less.

ARCHIVE from 2014 to 2018 IS COMING SOON!
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