Bangkok Biennial ( HP )

July-September 2018

01.07.2018 - 23.10.2018, OPENING: 06.07.2018, 18h BANGKOK

Silver Spoon

Simon Buckley

Maki Ishii

Jens Pecho

Laura Schawelka

Jul Zabowskx

Each of the travelers in the car in which we were sitting expressed his impressions in his own way. One was surprised that, despite such speed, it was as easy to breath as if we were walking slowly on the ground; another was in ecstasy at the idea that he sensed no movement and felt as though he were sitting in his bedroom; yet another noted that it was impossible to have the time to distinguish, from three feet, on the sand, an insect of the size of a bee, or to recognize the face of a friend; and finally another noted with glee the surprised attitude oft the country people upon the passing of this column of smoke and this long succession of cars without horses, sliding along with a slight buzz, and disappearing in the distance almost immediately. Others, more grave, declared that the good that would come of this invention was incalculable.